Diaper Bags

Nova Harley bags are luxurious, beautiful and highly functional; known for their superior quality, reliability and durability.  They are loved for their catwalk designs with vibrant colors and their patented removable labeled interiors providing ample space for all your baby needs.

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  Will be available 6/15   Description: From the beautiful rivers to th..
$516.00 $387.00
Description: The California life, beaches, luxury, glamour and of course; girls are our inspi..
$476.00 $357.00
  Will be available 6/15   Description: The bright sunny days and the g..
$516.00 $387.00
Description: The The Nova Harley® Luxury Malibu was inspired by the sun surf and sand of bea..
$476.00 $357.00
Description:   The cobblestone streets and the majestic Thames were the major inspir..
$516.00 $387.00
Description: The Parisian lifestyle was the inspiration behind the The Nova Harley® Luxury P..
$516.00 $387.00
Description: The Nova Harley® Sydney is a luxurious bag with a twist. The Sydney Harbour Bri..
$516.00 $387.00
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